Brant Tilds


  1. 03.01.2013

    For the most up to date information, please have a look at my Facebook page For those of you in Scotland I’ll be at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival with Red Stripe, and some other festivals to be announced. In Ireland I’ll be at the Derry Jazz Festival and the Cork Jazz Festival, as well as a number of dates in London and around the UK. The Brant Tilds Quartet are continuing for the 7th year in residence at a particular hotel in London Elstree, and will be starting a residency at a soon to be announced CAMRA pub in Bedfordshire.

  2. 05.03.2010

    <a href="“>Click here to here the CD. Our CD release concert/party is May 20th at The Hidden Rooms, 7a Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA, UK. Free entry if you’re there by 8 PM. Click on May 20th at for more details. With Roberto Pla timbales, Ray Sandoval guitars and tres, Phil Moll bass, Brant Tilds trumpet, and a very special guest on hand percussion.


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